About us

Why We Do This With Passion?

At Hanki.app, our mission is to enable student growth and advance professional development. Recognising the unique ambitions of today's students, we aim to provide open access to advanced career guidance.

We are passionate about empowering students to explore future possibilities, while transforming their potential into accomplishments. We aspire to optimise recruitment processes, fostering mutual benefits for both job-seekers and employers. By utilising AI and offering personalised services, we are dedicated to creating the most efficient pathway to success.

Our journey is about more than just matching resumes to job descriptions - it's about aligning aspirations with opportunities and shaping the future of the next generation of professionals.

Stepping stones image to your career success

The founders of Hanki.app started their journey by providing career coaching, workshops and CV guidance within their local student communities.

Due to high demand we hosted a series of events across Finland where we met hundreds of talented students. The people we met along the way helped truly inspired us to scale our operations, to be able to positively impact many more bright minds. The more talent we met, the more we learnt, and the more we could offer to students.

We started working on our Hanki.app software as we realised that’s the only way we can reach our ambitions with providing our quality service to more people.

Hanki app operates worldwide

The driving force behind Hanki app is a vibrant team of young professionals and students. Through active involvement in various student communities and with companies and their recruiters, there is a strong understanding on what each side of recruitment needs.

Our vision is one of continuous growth and innovation. Our commitment is to not only stay in step with the evolving career landscape but also to anticipate changes and lead the way.

Guided by the collective energy, passion, and talent of our team, here at Hanki app we are poised to revolutionise career development for students and young professionals across the globe.

Our people help you grow